PURECERAM is a silicotitanate adsorbent developed by our unique method of manufactureing.
There are demands for decontaminating adsorbents in response to the accidents that took place at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Co.
Previously available crystalline silicotitanate adsorbents have high adsorption capacity for cesium, while having inferior adsorption capacity for strontium. PURECERAM has high adsorption performance for both cesium and strontium and therefore is able to adsorb and remove cesium and strontium simultaneously.
In addition, because of the ability to adsorb cesium and strontium in presence of sodium, calcium, and magnesium, PURECERAM is expected to have an effect in adsorbing and removing these substances in seawater.

Able to adsorb Cs and Sr simultaneously


Static adsorption test of Cs and Sr (100 ppm) in 1/10 concentration seawater (100 mL) 0.5g of PURECERAM granulated product used


  1. 1Highly selective adsorption performance for Cs and Sr
  2. 2Binderless granulation possible
  3. 3Solid and liquid separated easily after adsorption

Water flow adsorption test for Cs (120 ppm: left) and Sr (30 ppm: right) in 1/20 concentration seawater and actual seawater
Amount of PURECERAM granulated product filled: 5 mL
Flow condition: LV=9 m/h, SV=200 h-1

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