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Company name


Start of business





5,757,110,605 yen (JPY)

Business description

Sales, production, export of electronic materials, organic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, etc. with inorganic chemicals (phosphorus compounds, silicates, barium salts, and chromium salts) as major products.


President  : Hirota Tanahashi 


【Head Office・ R&D】

11-1, 9-chome, Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 136-8515

【Sales Branch】


【Factory 】

Fukushima No.1 Factory(Fukushima,Japan),Fukushima No.2 Factory(Fukushima,Japan),Aichi Factory(Aichi,Japan),Tokuyama Factory(Yamaguchi,Japan)

【Global Network】

JCI USA Inc.( N.Y., USA ),JCI(SHANGHAI)Co., Ltd.( Shanghai, China ),JCI(Thailand)Co., Ltd.(Bangkok,Thailand)


  Male Female Total
Numbers 586 66 652
Average age 41.3 40.9 41.3

(as of  Mar. 31, 2024)



Business Results

Fiscal Term

Net Sales

Ordinary Profit

After-tax  Profit

FY Mar.2021 29,537 2,575 2,067
FY Mar.2020 31,183 2,354 1,789
FY Mar.2019 30,746 2,587 1,860
FY Mar.2018 31,379 3,503 2,451
FY Mar.2017 28,750 3,018 2,250
millions of yen (JPY)



Sep 1893 Dr. Toragoro Tanahashi founded Tanahashi Seiyakusho in Azabu, Tokyo as a private company.
Sep 1915 Tanahashi Seiyakusho incorporated as a joint stock company and name changed to Nippon Seiren Co., Ltd.
Primary products at that time were chromates, silicates, and aluminum sulfates.
Dec.1924 Toyo Electric Industry Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary. Production of yellow and red phosphorus started.
Dec.1935 Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in July 1907, was merged into Nippon Seiren Co., Ltd., providing two factories,Kameido (pigments, barium salts) and Koriyama factories (phosphates).
Dec.1941 Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., merged Toyo Electric Industry Co.,Ltd. and Nippon Ryuso Co.,Ltd. and renamed them Miharu and Nishi-Yodogawa factories.
Mar.1944 Nippon Seiren Co., Ltd. merged with Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., and integrated the five factories. The name of Nippon Seiren Co., Ltd. changed to the present one, Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Apr.1950 Production of fused phosphate fertilizer started at Koriyama factory. Production of insecticides started at Miharu factory.
Apr.1969 Kanto Sodium Silicate Glass Co., Ltd. at Kashima Coastal Area by joint investment with Asahi Denka Kogyo K.K. (current ADEKA Corp.).
Apr.1970 Aichi factory was established and production of phosphoric acid started.
Aug.1971 Tokuyama factory was established and production of chromium compounds started.
May.1973 Barite Industry Co., Ltd. (dissolved in 2004) for production of barium salts was established by joint investment with Dowa Kogyo (current DOWA Holdings Co., Ltd.).
Dec.1985 Kyodo phosphoric Acid Co., Ltd. (dissolved in 2004) for production of wet process phosphoric acid by joint investment with Mitsui Toatsu Chemicals Inc. (current Mitsui Chemicals Inc.) and Rasa Industries, Ltd.
Aug.1992 Keiyo Chemical Co., Ltd. for production of sodium silicates by joint investment with Fuji Chemical Co., Ltd.
Feb.1994 NC-Tech Co., Ltd. for production of cuprous oxide by joint investment with Nissin Chemco Ltd.
Apr.1994 Nippon Puretec Co., Ltd., (currently a consolidated subsidiary) was established for design, build, and distribution of air-conditioning equipments and devices.
Feb.1996 JCI USA Inc. was incorporated in the United States.
Mar.1997 Yunnan Panqiao phosphorous and Power Co., Ltd. for production of yellow phosphorus by joint investment with Nissho Iwai Co. (current Sojitz Corp.), Chengjiang Phosphorus Chemical Industrial Group Ltd. (China), Chengjiang County Hydro-power Development Company (China), and Shee Hing Trading Co. (Hong Kong).
Jun.2004 Nikka (Chengdu) Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., for production and distribution of barium salts for electronic materials by joint investment with Iwatani Corporation and others.
Aug.2010 JCI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was incorporated.
Dec.2012 Chromium salts business by Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. was purchased.
Jun.2014 Nikka (Chengdu) Electronic Material Co., Ltd. was dissolved.
Jun.2016 The Bangkok Representative Office was opened in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Aug.2017 JCI (THAILAND) CO., Ltd. was incorporated in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Mar.2023 The Bangkok Representative Office was closed.