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Nippon Chemical Industrial has stably offered a wide range of high quality inorganic chemical products, such as chromium, silicates, phosphorus, and barium, for more than a hundred years since the foundation of the company.
We follow this traditional technology and achievement in the establishment and development of production systems in response to diverse needs, thereby providing customers with products that meet their demands.
  • Chromium Compounds

    We started manufacturing chromium compounds in 1908.It was 1933 when we succeeded in manufacturing sodium dichromate using the rotary kiln method. Around this time, we commenced mass production of chromic acid flakes and chromium oxide for the first time in Japan.
    Now, we are leading the market of chromium compounds in Japan thanks to our world-class technology and facilities. Our products are also exported to many other countries as well as countries in Southeast Asia.

    ●Main Products
    Sodium Dichromate, Potassium Dichromate, Chromic Acid, Chromium Oxide, Chromium Nitrate Solution, Chromium Sulfate Solution

  • Silicates and Silica

    Nippon Chemical Industrial succeeded in Japan's first trial manufacture of sodium silicate in 1902. ,Since then, we have continued our untiring research and expanding the facilities to provide various silica products needed. The quality of our products has been highly rated in each industry, and we follow up on this technology by actively engaging in the accumulation of technology and the development of products. We will continue to offer silica products while responding flexibly to a changing business environment.

    ●Main Products
    Sodium Silicate Anhydride,Sodium Silicate, Sodium Meta-Silicate, Sodium Ortho-Silicate, Potassium Silicate, Lithium Silicate

  • Inorganic Phosphorus Compounds

    Nippon Chemical Industrial is the first company in Japan to successfully manufacture phosphorus in 1913 and dry phosphoric acid in 1939. Since then, we have continued to manufacture phosphorus products while improving quality and reducing costs.Our dry phosphoric acid manufactured by the dry method is of excellent quality, and they are used in a wide range of applications, including food additives, pharmaceutical ingredients, analytical reagents, surface treatment of metals, and in recent years as electronic materials, as well as raw materials of industrial chemicals. We are certain that the controlled quality will meet the requests of our customers.

    ●Main Products
    Phosphoric Acid, Phosphoric Anhydride, Poly-Phosphoric Acid
    Sodium Tripoly-Phosphate, Sodium Pyro-Phosphate, Sodium Hexameta-Phosphate

  • Other Inorganic Chemicals

    (Lithium compounds and other industrial chemicals)

    We have a lineup of inorganic chemical products available to cover several areas. Please search these products by product category or applications.

    ●Main Products
    Sodium Sulfate, Potassium Permanganate, Cuprous Oxide

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