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To Customers,

Good quality products and new products are created from tireless efforts of the company to improve technology and control of production facilities.

The chemical industry has made a transition from an age of mass production to an age where environmental friendliness and safety are demanded in addition to superior quality and performance of products.

In the midst of this transition, we firmly believe that our products, based on more than 120 years of history and tradition, will satisfy our customers. Our wish is to continue with the development of new products in response to your requests.

We have reliably handled a wide range of high quality inorganic chemical products for more than hundred years since the founding of the company. Such products include chromium, silica, phosphorus, and barium. We follow this tradition in the establishment and development of production systems in response to diverse needs, thereby providing customers with products that meet their demands.

Inorganic Chemicals

Inorganic Chemicals
Nippon Chemical Industrial has stably offered a wide range of high quality inorganic chemical products, such as chromium,silicates, phosphorus, and barium, manner for more than a hundred years since the foundation of the company.

Specialty Chemicals

Specialty Chemicals
With the focus on elements that we have handled since the foundingof the company, we research, develop, and offer proposals for products that better match the needs of the customer and supply these products in a stable manner.

We provide leading edge materials through the use of technologies as we have always done.