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Nippon Chemical's unique technology of functional silicate, electronic ceramics, metal-coated powder, and phosphine derivatives are introduced in this section.

Related products and technology

Functions and applications
Curelight(Copper oxide paste for photo sintering) RFID Antenna, electromagnetic wave shield , Sensor, Touch panel, FPC etc.
CELLSEED Cathode material for lithium-ion battery
PURECERAM Decontamination adsorbent
BESPA BT( Oxalate Method Barium Titanate ) Dielectric materials for MLCC, capacitor materials, high dielectric filler, inorganic EL insulation materials
BESPA AKBT(Alkoxide Method Barium Titanate) Capacitor materials, high dielectric filler
Capacitor materials, materials for microwave ceramics, high dielectric constant and low dielectric loss filler, solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) materials, semiconductor ceramic material
HIGH-PURITY BARIUM CARBONATE PTC materials, ceramic capacitor materials, optic glass materials, fluorescent materials
BARIUM SULFATE Materials added to opaque reflectors, light diffusion material
BRIGHT(Metal coated powder) Conductive fillers for Anisotropic Conductive Paste and Film(ACP and ACF),Conductive spacer for LCD panel
PHOSPHINE DERIVATIVE Reaction catalyst, extraction solvent, antimicrobial agents, fiber treatment agent
MATERIAL RELATED TO QUANTUM DOT Display, illumination, laser, solar cells
IONIC LIQUID Electrolytes, solvents, carbon dioxide absorbent, lubricants
PHOSPHINE LIGAND Ligands for asymmetric hydrogenation reaction
BUCHWALD LIGAND Ligands for coupling reactions (C-C, C-N, C-O, etc.)
BUILDING BLOCK Phosphine ligands, ingredients for phosphine derivatives
SMERF(Anisotropic Conductive Paste(ACP)) One-component epoxy type ACP for RFID application

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