CELLSEED is a cathode material for lithium ion secondary batteries created by our powder manufacturing technology, which has been highly evaluated by customers for over a quarter of century.

CELLSEED has two types:

  1. 1.  CELLSEED C: Lithium cobalt oxide(LiCoO2
  2. 2.  CELLSEED NMC: Lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide(LiNi(1-x-y)MnxCoyO2

We will continue to respond to customer needs by adding coating and doping technologies, as well as controlling particle size.

Physical property data

 Item Chemical formula Particle size D50 (μm) S.S.A. (m2/g) T.D. (g/ml)
CELLSEED C LiCoO2 9.0 0.35 2.0
CELLSEED NMC  LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O 10.0   0.25 2.7 

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  1. ・Sharp particle size distribution and excellent coatability in electrode production.
  2. ・Round particle, low specific surface area and high safety
  3. ・Little impurity content, high quality and excellent stability
  4. ・Excellent matching with anode materials and electrolyte
  5. ・Suitable for cathode materials in high-voltage batteries and all-solid-state batteries

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