Ionic liquid is a salt that exists as liquid at ordinary temperatures. We provide a variety of phosphonium salt ionic liquids with high chemical and thermal stability. These products are applied as solvents in organic synthesis reaction and the extraction and isolation processes, as well as electrolytes in electrochemical devices, lubricants, and polymer additives.


ItemMolecular weightm.p.Density(25℃)Viscosity(25℃)Conductivity
Hisicolin PX-25TFSI
( P2225-TFSI )


17℃  1.32 g cm-3  88mPa s  1.7mS cm-1
Hisicolin PX-4MTFSI
( P4441-TFSI )
497.50 16℃  1.28 g cm-3  207mPa s  0.42mS cm-1
Hisicolin PX-2METFSI
( P222(2O1)-TFSI )
457.39 10℃  1.39 g cm-3  44mPa s  3.6mS cm-1
Hisicolin PX-2MMTFSI
( P222(1O1)-TFSI )
443.36 14℃  1.42 g cm-3  35mPa s  4.4mS cm-1

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