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Message from the representative of Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., and the company philosophy is presented here.

Greeting from the representative of Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Thank you for visiting our website,


We value the development of technology where the relationships between people and the natural environment are in harmony. This is because we wish to be a company that supports the buds of innovative ideas which are created from pursuing daily efforts and work efficiency, heightening the unique technological capabilities of our company. Furthermore, we support the passion that sprouts from each individual, and in the various field of chemistry where there are infinite possibilities, we look to be a company that realizes dreams. The world is evolving rapidly today. As a company that handles chemical products, we look to combine true technological capability with the intellect of each individual with the harmony of nature and people in mind.


Hirota Tanahashi


From the left
Hirota Tanahashi
Managing director
Hiroyoshi Aikawa



Company Philosophy

We are Treating Humanity Treasuring Technology With Good Care

New Challenge<people>
New Creation<technology>
= New Chemical

Based on the tradition and its achievements of over 125 years, the company attitude is to aim for creativity and rapid progress by balancing humanity and technology.

Nippon Chemical has manufactured high quality products for more than 100 years since its founding while overcoming major changes in society. With these traditions and its achievments passed down to our generation, we look to contribute to an enriched society through better products and services.
New breeze in society
We aim for corporate activities that contribute to the happiness of people from the perspectives of local communities, nations, and on a global scale.
New breeze in business areas
We polish our strong areas and characteristic technologies in order to heighten functionality. Technologies in chemistry are useful in other areas other than products. We explore businesses where these technologies can be utilized. Furthermore, we carefully explore the utilizing fields of managerial resources by exercising people and technologies in fields outside of chemistry.
New breeze in the company
Relationship of trust between people is different to being over-friendly. The energy of individuals challenging their limits become the technology to create a comfortable breeze in the workplace.
New breeze to our customers
We will deepen the connection with customers as people, work hard to capture market needs in advance, and respond with characteristic technologies and foresight.