Direction of research and development

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We aim to create values from perspectives of improvement in comfort, energy management, and protection of health (life).
In order to achieve this, we will polish the core technologies and expand, enrich, and combine technologies such as nano technology, Polymer technology, and biochemical technology in developing new areas of technology.

Inorganic synthesis technology

Calcination technology to realize single crystal phase
Purification technology utilizing chelating material and ion exchange
Purification technology utilizing crystallization

Crystalline and structural control technology

High-purity (high-crystalline) liquid phase synthesis and solid phase synthesis technology
Precise control technology for particle size (micro to nano), shape, and fine pore structures

Surface modification and coating technology

Surface modification technology
Heterogeneous molecular layer formation technology
Electroless plating technology

Evaluation and analytical technology

Analytical technology for chemical state, composition, and structure
Various product performance testing technology, including battery characteristics, dielectric/piezoelectric characteristics, and adhesive characteristics

Phosphines technology

High-pressure reaction technology with phosphine as ingredient
Synthesis technology of various alkyl phosphine and phosphonium salts

Organic synthesis technology

Organic phosphorus synthesis technology
Butyllithium reaction
Grignard reaction
Arbuzov reaction