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In 2023, Nippon Chemical Industrial marked our 130th anniversary.This was primarily made possible by your support and patronage, for which we are deeply grateful.

In recent years, the business environment surrounding our company has been changing at a pace dizzying enough to make us feel that we need to identify and assess the risks to impede our business continuity, predict the impacts of such risks in the medium to long term and take appropriate countermeasures accordingly.

To this end, we established the Sustainability Promotion Committee in September 2022 and have been analyzing risks and opportunities with an even greater sense of urgency and deepen discussions on enhancing our corporate value while taking our strengths as they pertain to societal issues and ESG factors into account.

In April 2023, we established a system to certify products that help solving environmental issues and have thus far internally certified four products as environmental contribution products.Since expanding sales of environmental contribution products is directly linked to improved profitability, we have incorporated the proactive development of environmental contribution products into our research and development policy and seek to progressively increase the ratio of such products in our product lines.

At the same time, we are continuously carrying out various CO2-reduction activities at our production sites, such as by improving our production processes, and have otherwise solidified our commitment to proactively investing in the adoption of renewable energy (non-fossil fuel sources of electricity).

In order to ensure the continued evolution of “sustainability management unique to Nippon Chemical Industrial,”it is critical that we increase, as much as possible, the ranks of those who will take on this responsibility.With a view to seeing “Nippon Chemical Industrial continue to into the future”, we aim to build an organization in which each and every individual can think about “what we need and what we have to do to fully carry out it” and would like to become a company that properly supports those employees who enjoy taking on new challenges.

We aim to enhance the company as a whole and build a sustainable corporate structure by promoting the development of a system for cultivating people who embody our corporate philosophy ”We are Treating Humanity Treasuring Technology With Good Care – and a workplace environment in which such people can amply demonstrate their abilities.I ask for your continued support.

Please contact us for inquiries about Sustainability.