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With a focus on the elements that we have dealt with since establishment, we research and develop products that better match the needs of customers and supply these products in a stable manner.

We provide leading edge materials through the use of technologies as we have always done.

  • Electronic Ceramic Materials

    By using our technologies in handling Barium salts for long years, Nippon Chemical Industrial has developed high-performance Barium Titanate (BT) by advanced oxalate method and alkoxide method.
    Several grade products by these methods are available in different particle sizes.

    ●Main Products
    BESPA (Barium Titanate)

  • Barium Compounds

    Nippon Chemical Industrial supplies a variety of Barium salts (Barium Sulfate, Barium Hydroxide, Barium Nitrate, Barium Chloride, High purity Barium Carbonate etc.). These products are used as resin stabilizers, light diffusing materials, automotive catalysts, optical glass and electronic materials.

    ●Main Products
    High purity Barium Carbonate, Barium Nitrate, Barium Hydroxide Barium Sulfate, Barium Chloride

  • Circuit Materials


    BRIGHT is a series of electro-conductive powders coated with high-quality metals by an advanced electroless plating method.This electro-conductive powders are made by coating single or double layers of metal onto high-performance resin particles, carbon particles and metal particles, etc.


    SMERF is an anisotropic conductive paste (ACP) using metal coated powder (BRIGHT®).This product has been developed for RFID application and we Nippon Chemical will introduce the sutable grade based on the bonding machine, kinds of IC and antenna.

    ●Main Products
    BRIGHT®(Metal-coated powder)、SMERF®(Anisotropic conductive paste)

  • Battery Materials

    Nippon Chemical Industrial has manufactured lithium cobalt oxide as cathode active material for rechargeable lithium ion cells, by leveraging its powder manufacturing technology over years (mixing, calcination, pulverization). We recently have succeeded in micronization using a unique manufacturing method and technology, leading to high rating for different applications.

    ●Main Products
    CELLSEED® (Lithium cobalt oxide)

  • Organic Phosphorus Compounds

    (including phosphines)

    Since 1985, when we succeeded in producing phosphine gas for the first time in Japan, we have supported the semiconductor market around the world by expanding and enriching research and facilities. In recent years, we supply a wide variety of derivatives from reactions with organic substances as well as gas production.

    ●Main Products
    Hishicolin® P-4, P-8, TMSP, PO-8, PX-4C, PX-4B
    Other organic phosphorus compounds: PAP, EAP, DEFLOK

  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Agrochemicals

    With many years of experience handling phosphorus chloride and diverse technologies in organic synthesis, we can propose solutions to customers’ problem through multifaceted approach.

    ●Main Products
    phosphine for fumigation, PCL

  • Custom Manufacturing

    Nippon Chemical Industrial offers the custom synthesis service in various industries, by combining a diverse organic synthesis technology for gas-liquid reactions supported by the handling of phosphorus chloride and the production technology of phosphines, as well as ligands produced by the company. We provide high-purity organic chemical products with high capacity for impurity analysis and control of impurities at an industrial scale

  • Semiconductor Materials

    Nippon Chemical Industrial has a stable supply of high-purity red phosphorus and high-purity phosphine gas at 6N specifications, which are essential in the manufacturing processes for semiconductors. In addition, we supply mono tert-butyl phosphine as materials for MOCVD.

    ●Main Products
    High-purity phosphine gas, high-purity red phosphorus, Hishicolin P-M4

  • Other Specialties

    Nippon Chemical Industrial has a lineup of functional chemical products available to cover several areas. Please search these products by product category or applications.


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