Custom manufacturing

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Basic information

Nippon Chemical Industrial has supplied phosphorus compounds, organic and inorganic, for many years. Based on accumulated experience, we have technology available to offer customsynthesis service for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and agricultural chemical industries, etc.

We provide solutions to meet your demands, including impurity control at an industrial scale level, analysis of minute impurities in the product, and exploration of optimal synthesis route involving combination of company ingredients and coupling ligands.


Pilot plant

We are flexible in manufacturing scale for early phase, from laboratory scale to pilot plant. For mass production, we have the facilities available for various scales. Please feel free to inquire us.

Main Reactors

メインリアクター 4基
  Volume Material Type of agitator Remark
Main Rector#1 500L GL MAXBLEND®
Main Rector#2 500L GL FULLZONE®
Main Rector#3 500L GL 3pieces swept-back wing Class-1 pressure vessel
Main Rector#4 500L Has/C Two-tiered four paddle blades

Filter and Dryer

  Volume Material Type of agitator Remark
Centrifugal separator 80L Aflon®
Conical dry blende 550L GL
Filter dryer 300L GL Special agitator Filtration area 0.3m2

Distllation Equipment

精留設備 1式
  Volume Material Type of agitator Remark
Evaporator 100L SUS316L Inclined paddle blade ~ 270℃
Anchor blade
Reciever#1 100L SUS316L
Reciever#2 50L SUS316L
Distillation columns SUS316L 5 theoretical plates


Vacuum pumps Water-sealed pump, dry pump
Scrubber FRP two-column type 60m3/min
Refrigerator 18.2 refrigerating ton * 2 units
Extremely low temp. refrigerator LN2 MAX-85℃
Water deionizer 1 unit

Available reaction

・Wittig Reaction

・Arbzov Reaction


・Friedel Crafts Reaction


・Asymmetric Hydrogenation


 Mukaiyama Oxidation

 Hydrogen peroxide 




・Organic Phosphorus general reaction 

 Alkyl Phosphine

Please contact us for inquiries about Consigned synthesis.