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While recognizing the importance of protecting personal information, Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NCI”) shall comply with any applicable laws in regard to personal information so that customers can use the company’s website with a sense of security and shall strive to properly protect the customers’ personal information in accordance with the following policy.

1.Definition of ‘Personal Information’

The term “personal information” shall refer to any information that has been provided to NCI by the customers through the company’s website and can be used to identify the individuals to which the information pertains or is unique to individual customers, including but not limited to their address, name, age, phone number, and email address.

2.Management of Personal Information

  1. NCI shall appoint a personal information manager at each department where personal information is being handled in order to properly manage the personal information.
  2. NCI shall properly manage its customers’ personal information; prevent any unauthorized access to or any leakage, loss, damage, destruction, etc. of the personal information; and strive to ensure and enhance the security of personal information.

3.Use of Personal Information

If NCI intends to ask any customers to provide their personal information, it shall clearly state the intended use of the personal information in advance and shall not use the personal information for any unintended purpose without obtaining the customers’ prior consent. In this connection, any customer who wishes not to provide his/her personal information may refuse to provide the personal information at its sole discretion. In such event, however, the customer refusing to provide the personal information may not be able to use the full service being offered through the company’s website, so please note this point beforehand.

4.Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information

NCI shall not disclose or provide to a third party any personal information of the customers that has been provided through the company’s website except in the following cases:

  1. if the consent has been provided by the customer;
  2. if it is deemed necessary for NCI to provide the personal information to its affiliate company, etc. in order to provide a proper response to the customer’s inquiry;
  3. if NCI is providing the personal information to its outside contractor or cooperating company that has entered into a non-disclosure agreement with NCI, to an extent that is required for NCI to achieve the purpose of use of the personal information as previously specified to the customer; or
  4. if NCI is being requested by any supervising government agency or public institution to disclose the personal information under the law.

5.Modification of Registered Information

If any request is received from a customer to modify, confirm, correct, delete, or take any other type of action on the personal information of the customer that has been registered with the company by the customer, NCI shall properly process such request only if the company has been able to identify the individual making such request as the customer to which the personal information pertains or is an agent of the customer with a power of attorney.

6.Protection of Personal Information at External Links

NCI shall be indemnified from any responsibility in regard to the protection of personal information at any third-party website to which a link is provided at the company’s website but is not being managed by NCI.

7.Amendment to Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be amended by NCI from time to time to adapt to any change in relevant laws, regulations, etc.