We are specializing in plate coating of powders, and BRIGHT is available as a related product.
BRIGHT is a new type of conductive material with metal coating of powders enabled by the electroless powder-plating technology we developed.
(Technology Award in The Surface Finishing Society of Japan Award, fiscal 1990: Development of manufacturing technology for metal-coated powder by electroless powder-plating technology)

Photograph of coating appearance

  • Smooth filmSmooth film
  • Projection filmProjection film


(1)We provide a variety of metal-coated powder with base powders having different characteristics (material, shape, particle size and its distribution) .
(2)Individual particles are completely coated by a fine metal film.
(3)Coating film on the particle has high adhesive strength and is highly reliable as conductive particles.
These characteristics have been used in the mixing of films and adhesives and for connecting fine pitches between electrodes of electronic parts.
(4) Smooth or projection film can be created by plating.

BRIGHT is a product made from electroless powder plating technology. We have a variety of original metal-coated powders available, and also accept requests and inquiries regarding custom-made metal-coated powders.

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