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Alkyl Phosphine

Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., is one of only two manufacturers of high-purity liquefied phosphine in the world.
Phosphine technology cultivated by the company for over 30 years is used in the manufacture of alkyl phosphine compounds.
Radical catalyst reactions, acid catalyst reactions, and base catalyst reactions are used according to the appropriate purpose to enable provision of various primary, secondary and tertiary alkyl phosphine, including the functional groups.

Marketed items

Item Chemical name CAS NO. Structure

Hishicolin P-M4

tert-Butylphosphine 2501-94-2 P-M4

Hishicolin P-D4

Di-tert-butylphosphine 819-19-2 P-D4

Hishicolin P-D6

Dicyclohexylphosphine 829-84-5 P-D6

Hishicolin P-4

Tri-n-butylphosphine 998-40-3 P-4

Hishicolin P-8

Tri-n-octylphosphine 4731-53-7 P-8

Hishicolin P-540

Tris(3-hydroxypropyl)phosphine 4706-17-6 P-540
These compounds are materials for the compound semiconductor manufacture by MOCVD, as well as a wide range of catalysts including the catalysts of alcohol dehydrogenation reaction using a lutenium complex (synthesis of γ-butyrolactone) and catalyst for the polymerization of electrolyte membranes in fuel cells, solvents for extraction of rare earth minerals, solvents for the synthesis of quantum dots, and leather tanning agents.

Alkyl Phosphine Oxide

Phosphine oxide, which is obtained from oxidation of alkyl phosphine, is used as solvents for metal extraction, reactive fire retardant, and catalysts. In particular, trioctyl phosphine is used in the extraction solvent of uranium and as a capping agent for quantum dots.
Our manufacturing technology for alkyl phosphine has enabled the provision of high quality phosphine oxide with different structures.

Marketed items

Item Chemical name CAS NO. Structure
Hishicolin PO-4 Tri-n-butylphosphine Oxide 814-29-9 PO-4
Hishicolin PO-8 Tri-n-octylphosphine Oxide 78-50-2 PO-8

Phosphonium salt

Many different types of phosphonium salts can be provided by Nippon Chemical. Typical purpose of use of this material is antimicrobial agents and antistatic agent, and these functions can be added to existing high molecular materials by adding phosphonium salts. In addition, the product can be used as catalysts, such as phase transfer catalysts and epoxy hardeners, and we provide products with structures that realize properties suitable for the reactions you need or develop new products to realize them.
Item Chemical name CAS NO. Structure
Hishicolin PX-2H Tetraethylphosphonium Hydroxide 14814-28-9 PX-2H
Hishicolin PX-2B Tetraethylphosphonium Bromide 4317-01-1 PX-2B
Hishicolin PX-4B Tetrabutylphosphonium Bromide 3115-68-2 PX-4B
Hishicolin PX-4C Tetrabutylphosphonium Chloride 2304-30-5 PX-4C
Hishicolin PX-4MI Tributylmethylphosphonium Iodide 1702-42-7 PX-4MI
Hishicolin PX-412C Tributyldodecylphosphonium Chloride 13497-50-2 PX-412C

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