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This website contains statements on the outlook based on the current plans, estimates and strategies of NIPPON CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD, and the statements, with the exception of those on past facts, all represent the prospects such as on its future financial results.

The statements are based on the Company's management judgment and its hypothesis that were obtained from information that it is possible to currently acquire.

Markets in which the Company pursues business activities may potentially experience rapid changes to due to various factors such as changes in circumstances, demand and prices, developments in the economic environment, the situation as to competition, foreign exchange rate fluctuations, and the like.

The Company's actual future financial results may potentially end up differing greatly from the outlook owing to risk and uncertainty.

Therefore, you should refrain from relying entirely on an earnings outlook. The purpose of this website is to merely release information constituting a reference for investor decision-making.

You are asked to make the final decision on investment at your own judgment. Please acknowledge that the Company will not be held liable for any investment result.

Information in this data is that as of the time that it was collected and may potentially be revised subsequently.

The information could potentially differ from the original due to data corruption or the like, and the Company will not provide any guarantee of the information. Thus, you should check the official data with a Securities Report or the original.

The Company does not provide any guarantee on the information in this website or the information in other websites that this website links to.

The Company will not assume any liability whatsoever for damage incurred due to the information or errors therein.