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Approach and policy

The Company shall, in response to our corporate philosophy and sustainability policy, deepen our understanding biodiversity conservation and promote business activities that take biodiversity into account.

Code of conduct with respect to biodiversity

  1. Ascertain the impact of the Company’s business activities on biodiversity conservation throughout the entire value chain and continuously work on minimizing this impact.

  2. Endeavor to raise awareness of biodiversity among all employees through Responsible Care activities.
  3. Continue to engage in activities that contribute to society by helping biodiversity conservation in order to be highly valued by society and the residents of local communities.

  4. Proactively disclose the above initiatives and deepen communications with stakeholders.

Keidanren initiative for biodiversity conservation

We endorse the purpose of Keidanren Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation and are promoting initiatives for biodiversity.

※Keidanren Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation disseminates and introduces, both internally and externally, the logo of companies and organizations that are working on multiple items out of the seven items listed in Keidanren Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation and Action Guidelines (revised version) or that endorse the intent of the entire organization, as well as action policies and examples of activities for the future, on a special website.

Our policies and initiatives under Keidanren Initiative for Biodiversity Conservation

Keidanren Initiative for Boidiversity

Initiatives for biodiversity conservation at each location

Community clean-up activities


We engage in the city clean-up activities around our offices and clean-up activities along beaches and around dams.
We clean up the area around the Company’s Fukushima No. 1 Plant once a month. This allows users of commercial facilities facing this plant and local residents to use this area comfortably.
Those of us belonging to the Company’s Fukushima No. 2 Plant participate in the Sakura-no-Sato Clean-Up Operation as organized by the Sakura Lake Watershed Cooperative Network (Course around the Miharu Dam).
The Company’s Aichi Plant participates in the Major Waterfront Clean-Up Operation as organized by Campaign of bright society creation in Taketoyo.
The Head Office and R&D Division carry out clean-up activities around the head office premises each month. These activities also serve as an opportunity to interact with local residents.


Fukushima No. 1 Plant

Clean-up activities around the plant (Fukushima No. 1 Plant)

Fukushima No. 2 Plant

Sakura-no-Sato Clean-Up Operation (Fukushima No. 2 Plant)

Aichi Plant

Major Waterfront Clean-Up Operation (Aichi Plant)

Head Office and R&D Division

Clean-up activities around the head office premises (Head Office and R&D Division)

Forest-conservation activities

Members of the Company’s Tokuyama Plant participate annually in the Machi-to-Mori-to-Mizu Exchange Conference (consisting of forest conservation activities), which has been held in the Shunan District since 1997. Through these activities, we learn about how forests facilitate watershed cultivation and help prevent global warming. We will continue to promote forest-conservation activities as a member of the local community and strive to maintain its ecosystem.

Tokuyama Plant

Forest-conservation activities (Tokuyama Plant)

Tokuyama Plant

Machi-to-Mori-to-Mizu Exchange Conference (Tokuyama Plant)