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Technology cultivated in the development of barium titanate (BaTiO3) provides piezoelectric oxide materials shown as ABO3.
Synthesis of basic compounds with high composition reproducibility was made possible the rollout of our composition management technology to non-lead piezoelectric materials.
The product can be used for the investigation of composition in complex ceramic piezoelectric devices. We accept requests and inquiries regarding composition and size.

Marketed items (Niobate based compounds)

  • 圧電体材料
  • 圧電体材料
Item CAS NO. Chemical formula
KNN; Potassium sodium niobate 12196-68-8 K1-xNaxNbO3


Lead free piezoelectric ceramics

■Synonym:Lead free piezoelectric materials

■CAS No. : Refer to the production item above

■Chemical formula:Refer to the production item above

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