DEOCLEAR is characterized by antimicrobial and antiviral properties with higher added functions to the base materials, for example by addition of oil repellency about 2-fold higher than Teflon. Thermal curing type and UV curing type are available.

Antimicrobial and antiviral property

The product has high antimicrobial and antiviral property derived from phosphonium salt.
The use of the product is expected to expand to building materials (such as floor materials and wallpapers) as well as medical devices.

  • 抗菌・抗ウイルス性
  • 抗菌・抗ウイルス性

Antifouling property, high transparency

Paint appearance is realized with high antifouling property from fluorine and high transparency.

High hardness

The product has high hardness with surface hardness of 2H to 6H.

Curing method Heating UV
Curing conditions 120℃/10min*1 N2 atmosphere 5sec*2
Antimicrobial property Removal rate of at least 99.9% Removal rate of at least 99.9%
Antiviral property Removal rate of at least 99.9% Removal rate of at least 99.9%
Hardness (pencil hardness) 2H 6H
Wetting angle Water 100° 100°
Watering angle Dodecane 40° 40°
Alcohol resistant △*3

*1:When wet membrane thickness is 6-8 um
*2:Wet membrane thickness 6-8 um, light source: high-pressure mercury lamp
*3:Slight white turbidity may be observed after contact with alcohol; however, this does not affect the performance.

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